Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J’adore Joulies

imageHi everyone, hope you all having an awesome hump day. My week has been somewhat hectic but I wanted to take a minute and share with you all a really neat discovery I made while reading the current issue of the Food Network Magazine. These nifty little silver coffee beans you see above are called “Joulies” made by two young smart as whip chaps both named Dave. As soon as I read what these beauties did I knew I must have some for myself!

imageSome of you may already be familiar with these but I’ll explain it for the rest of y’all. What they do is first absorb the thermal energy in your hot beverage (you know that scorching heat when you take the first sip and burn your tongue and then everything tastes like rubber for a week? That thermal energy) and they hold onto it which cools the drink down quicker for faster (x3 faster to be exact) drinking goodness. BUT the fun doesn’t end there!

image Once the Joulies have magically held onto your scorching thermal energy and made your drink an inviting temperature they then slowly disperse that same energy back into your drink to keep your beverage heated for longer (x2 as long to be exact once again). It’s like having a mini hot plate under your mug. I find this absolutely thrilling because I drink an almost lethal amount of hot beverages in a day and my biggest issue is that I miss my “perfect temperature window” then I’m stuck with cold tea, coffee, etc. because I have no microwave. That’s right you heard me correctly, no microwave. Madness I know! Let me be clear on one fact though, I have not yet tried Joulies so I can’t vouch for their effectiveness as of yet but I do intend on buying and giving them a try asap so I’ll be sure to do an update review of what I think of them in action.

Anyhow, I just thought this was the neatest thing ever so if you agree with me you can find more information about these silver dream beans at As far as I can tell they aren’t taking orders just yet but if you shoot them over your email address they will email you when they are ready to take orders. Huzzah!
(Photo credits to Joulies has never heard of me and has not compensated me with anything in exchange for singing their praises, I just like to share…and sing)


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