Thursday, May 5, 2011

“Home Alone” House For Sale

image  We’ve all seen the movie; it’s a holiday classic. Little Kevin McAllister gets left home all by his lonesome during the Christmas season and faces two unruly thieves that he has to fend off and protect his home from… and oh what a home! Certainly worth fighting for indeed.
image This grand and glorious 1920 brick colonial house is now up for sale after 23 years of the same owners. At 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, it measures a comfortable 4,243 square feet. If you are looking to buy in Illinois you may consider this beauty but keep in mind it’s priced at a hefty $2.4 million and can only be viewed by appointment in an effort to keep out the look-i-loos. Probably for the best considering if I lived in Illinois or the nearby vicinity I would be one of the gawkers just there for the cheap thrill of some Hollywood history and a tour of a house I have spent more than a fair share of time swooning over. Sometimes I’ll just put the movie on to get a quick house-love fix. Let’s take a peak inside and save ourselves the booking of an appointment:
image The entry is updated from it’s early nineties look to a more modern palette. It doesn’t look quite the same without paint cans swinging from the staircase.
imageThe kitchen is much different than the huge dark wood cabinet one in the movie.
imageAccording to the listing the 4-room master suite spans the entire west wing of the home.
The family is said to be downsizing now that their daughter has moved out. I don’t think I could ever part with this house. See more pictures of the actual home from it’s own personal website Or if you would like to tour the interiors used in the film pay Julia over at Hooked On Houses a visit and check out her extensive tour from the film.
*Photo Credit Google Images and HomeAloneHome.ColdwellBankercom*



Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Gosh I love this house! I have dreamed of owning it before! I think I prefer the 90's look, it feels so much more nostalgic to me.

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