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Modern Family Paint and Furniture *Third and-I Hope-Final Update*

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Ok peeps, I am getting so many comments about my paint colour post on the "Modern Family" show sets; some both happy and annoyed at my ideas which make me chuckle nonetheless. I got a hot tip from the comments that "People Magazine" had an article about the set design of all three homes so you know I had to rush out a snag a copy. The cover was of course referencing Sandra Bullock and the cashier naturally assumed that's why I was purchasing it and struck up a very in depth convo about it but I digress.

I've scanned the article for all you lovely folks to check out and save yourself the five bucks buying your own copy. I went to the sites it says the decor items can be found and added larger pics for you guys to check out. It also has the famous blue colour everyone has been buzzing about which is called.... wait for it..... Labrador Blue! It can be purchased for the hefty (but well worth it) price of $56.99 a gallon ONLY at Benjamin Moore -I was misinformed before that BM paints could be purchased at other home improvement stores but they cannot- so now that that mystery is solved here are a few other tibits you may be interested in finding out:

 Please Click This Link For A Compilation Of Up To Date Modern Family Decor Information: http://recklessbliss.blogspot.com/p/modern-family-homes.html

Nolan Gould (who plays Luke)shares a house secret: "The food sitting around is real - so when we get hungry, we'll just open a bag of chips."

Please Click This Link For A Compilation Of Up To Date Modern Family Decor Information: http://recklessbliss.blogspot.com/p/modern-family-homes.html 

Bowen divulges that the cast hides stuff - like Burrell's lunch box or Bowen's apple cores - in cubby holes on-set. "It's disgusting," says Bowen.

1) Branch Out: Abstract florals give a "modern traditional" vibe, says the shows production designer Richard Berg.
Inhabit Ailanthus pillow, $60 2modern.com

2) On The Bright Side: "Not everything has to match," says Berg, who added a splash of sunny yellow to the room's more sedate color palette. "My personal rule is: break one rule per room."
Soleil serving trays, $35-$41; bambeco.com

"Comfortable is definitely the look we were after," says Berg. "And this room is as comfortable as it looks."

3) Warm and Fuzzy: "Everyone has a memory of snuggling up under a blanket in the living room," says Berg. "I wanted a broad demographic to relate to this room."
Bellora microchenille throw, $21.43 amazon.com

4) Blue walls repeat throughout the house. But "it doesn't feel overdone," says Berg. "It just feels lovely."
Labrador Blue Paint, $56.99 per gallon; Benjaminmoore.com

A wall features snaps from the stars. "Seeing actors when they're younger, without makeup-suddenly they're real people," says Berg.

Ed O'Neill's take on his cranky character's digs? "I never think about it," he says, "I show up. That's the house. There's the door. Okay."

1) Getting Graphic: "Their home's modernism comes from the vivacious Gloria (Sofia Vergara)," says Berg. And the inspiration for all the zebra print? "I imagine her underwear to be just like that."
Zebra Shade, $35; pbteen.com

2) Stripe Tease: This piece refelcts the set's bold flavors. "If we were to add pastel, tutti-frutti colors, it would like like a circus," says Berg.
Merlot Stripe Rug, from $299; crateandbarrel.com

3) Why crimson walls? "Gloria reminds me of a red-hot chili pepper!" says Berg.
Currant Red paint, $56.99 per gallon, Benjaminmoore.com

"The door to my house is a nightmare," says Vergara. "It makes a horrible noise. They finally fixed it. It had been screaming for seven months."

The couple's nursery mural (inspired by the Sistine Chapel) is "one of the funniest things I've ever seen," says Stonestreet (who plays Cam).

1) Photo Finish: Why did Berg select an exotic frame? "Mitchell and Cam are worldly and well-traveled, and that's brought into their design sensibilities." Plus, "they had more photos to offer up than the other actors."
Roost Horn frame, $40; velocityartanddesign.com

"My mom loves going through family albums and submitting pictures-it's like her favorite thing to do," says Ferguson (who plays Mitchell) of the real-life photos placed in frames all over the set.

2) In The Limelight: Berg opted for clean classic shapes-like the West Elm couch and this mod lamp-"because they feel familiar," he says. "In design, sometimes familiar beats reinventing the wheel."
Boka table lamp, $179; crateandbarrel.com

3) "This room is all about the grey-green walls," says designer Berg.
Louisburg Green paint, $56.99 per gallon; Benjaminmoore.com

"Cameron and Mitchell's taste is refined," says Berg, who accented their living room with wood tones and pops of red.

Thanks again to "People Magazine" for finally answering our burning questions and if any of you want your own copy they're the ones to go to!

 Please Click This Link For A Compilation Of Up To Date Modern Family Decor Information: http://recklessbliss.blogspot.com/p/modern-family-homes.html


Peggy said...

Hi! I love these Modern Family design posts! I know the Dumphy kitchen cabinets are probably custom but I was wondering what your best guess is regarding the color. I'm currently searching for colors to paint my old oak 80's cabinets and I comment on these cabinets to my husband every single time we watch this show! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome- thanks for posting that People spread!

stage3design said...

This is just what I was looking for - Thanks! When I was watching Modern Family last week, my wife said "I love their kitchen! I want those plates and artwork!" Please update your blog if you ever find out where those plates and kitchen artwork came from. Thanks!

Lynda G. said...


You will NEVER guess how I found your blog and I just HAD to let you know! I am home today searching paint colors because I am about to have my kitchen renovated and have just had most of my main floor painted. My family is a HUGE fan of Modern Family and my daughter and I noticed their main foyer color and have loved it ever since. We were looking at photos of the set and comparing them to the Benjamin Moore website...and after looking at hundreds of blues, I jokingly said SOMEONE MUST BLOGGED THIS ALREADY and typed in "modern family main foyer paint color"...YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW WE DIED LAUGHING WITH THRILL AND EXCITEMENT when your blog showed up on the Google search page! How FANTASTIC! Labrador blue IT IS! I cannot wait to have it all done and send you some photos! HAHA! THANK YOU! What a time and stress saver. I don't read People magazine regularly and I see that I am missing out! :D
I will CERTAINLY be back to read your blog!

Lynda G. said...

I thought I would post this here and in my comments...to make sure you see it!

Hi Heidi,
That's just so coincidental that you also live here! :D Thank you for commenting and messaging back! I think your blog is so refreshing and great. I loved the Aubrey Hepburn quote and may "borrow" it if you don't mind? If you also don't mind, I may have to tell the story of how I found your blog and the great information! YAY to the powers of the internet!
I will be checking back often! Please do the same. XO

Lisa ( at Benjamin Moore) said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm from Benjamin Moore and this is the kind of stuff that our community on Facebook just loves. I hope you don't mind but we've linked to this article on our Facebook page today.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

In your first paragraph you mentioned you could buy Benjamin Moore Labrador Blue at Home Depot. That is INCORRECT! Benjamin Moore can only be bought at a Benjamin Moore store. Home Depot does not carry it. It is worth the trip Benjamin Moore is by far the best paint I have ever used.

Thanks for the great article!

recklessbliss said...

Hi Lisa! No I do not mind one bit if you link my blog. Thanks so much for the recognition!

As for my mistake about where Benjamin Moore paint can be purchased, I will make the necesary corrections asap. Thanks for the heads up!

carrie leber said...

excellent post! thanks so much - I would have missed this otherwise. Modern Family is one of my fav shows and its good to see such style on their sets.

Anonymous said...

I love all of this info. I was wondering if you know where I can find similar kitchen curtains. They would look great in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Great info. Any idea on the color of the Dunphy's kitchen cabinets? I'm looking to paint ours.


recklessbliss said...

You can find the info I found on the curtains at this post: http://recklessbliss.blogspot.com/2010/03/modern-family-furniture-update.html

As for the cabinets, I was asked the question about the colour of cabinets before by Peggy and did a little searching for her. Based on a colour matching program, the closest match in BM Paint colours found were either: Timothy Straw or Castleton Mist. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the questions!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where the curtains in Claires bedroom are from. They were in the Nov. 5? show. Please let me know if anyone knows!! THanks!

Anonymous said...

Any ideas where Mitch & Cam's dining room cabinet/buffet or Claire & Phil's white family room cabinet came from?

recklessbliss said...


Please Click This Link For A Compilation Of Up To Date Modern Family Decor Information: http://recklessbliss.blogspot.com/p/modern-family-homes.html

I have created a tab at the top of the page especially for the Modern Family decor. You may find the answers to your questions there.



Monty said...

where can i find that amazing black and red painting in mitchel cam foyer? anyone know?

Anonymous said...

the dunphy's have a buffet cabinet in their kitchen,below those plates and above commenter asked about. do you happen to know where that cabinet came from?

recklessbliss said...

Sorry, I don't know where the cabinet came from but in my experience you can usually find close replicas if you keep a watchful eye out while you're shopping.

natalie said...

I have been looking and looking for Claire's Buffet table! At least something close.

I have noticed a lot of Claire's furniture and decor are from Pottery Barn and Pier 1 Imports. But I still can't find where the buffet table is from!

For the person wondering about the plates hanging on the kitchen wall....I have found ALL of them at Pier 1.

Shavage said...

I would like to know the name of the painting of a hand in black and white at Mitchell&Cam house. Could you help me, please?

Unknown said...

What color is the exterior of the DUNPHY'S house?

recklessbliss said...

I'm sorry I don't have this information at this time but should I find it I will post it immediately.
Thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

also interested in the name of the painting of a hand.

kb said...

I have those plates, you can find them at Target!

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