Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cabin Fever

Some people are not big fans of the cold winter months but I relish in it for as long as I can. I would take a stormy or snowy day over the sun any day of the week. During these frosty months it would be great to have a little chalet retreat to visit with the family and do some winter hobbies or just sit and relax by the fire. I have clipped many winter/fall cabin pictures on my lap top dreaming of what my fantasy cabin (when I have millions on hand) would look like. To celebrate the last few weeks of this majestic season I'm posting some of those most favored pics. Make yourself some cocoa, light a fire and grab your snuggliest blanket!

(MLS Listing Photo)
I would love to pull up to this beauty a few days before Christmas with the whole family in tow to have a wintry white Christmas in the mountains. You could go out and ski during the day and get cozy by night. Homemade hot cocoa on the stove, fire crackling, a big trimmed fir tree in the corner, carols softly playing and the family playing board games. What could be better?

(MLS Listing Photo)
Another rustic cabin to look forward to seeing all year.

One of the best parts about having a cabin or beach house getaway is you get to have all the looks you love but wouldn't want to look at in your regular house everyday. I love lots of woods and rocks textures but I think I would tire of them quickly if they were in my face 24/7.

(MLS Listing Photo)
Classic cabin look with the tall rock fireplace mantle. You can also make out branch looking lamps in the left hand side of the shot. In the average everyday house this look may not fit into your lifestyle but it doesn't mean you shouldn't have it right?! :)

Another great rock mantled fireplace with a scenic view.


(Candice Olson Design)
I would not have much trouble retreating to this bedroom after a hard day on the slopes.

(Style At Home)
I think this look could really work for a cabin or beach house but the unique rustic light fixture says more cabin to me.

Wood burning fireplaces are the cat's pajamas and when you add in a plaid throw and pillow that spells "cabin charm" to me.

So what are your thoughts? If you had the money do you think you would invest in a cabin or would the money be better spent somewhere else?

Check back soon for a posting on my all time fav beach house looks for that special escape in the warmer months!


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

so we had this debate over and over do we want a vacation home and where would it be? we finally decided to get a travel trailer and now our vacation home is wherever we want it to be. we have had it in the snow and taken it to the beach. perfect for us

recklessbliss said...

That's a really great solution, I wouldn't mind getting a trailer myself. Plus, when you aren't using it you can keep an eye on it and you know it's safe. It amazes me how nice some are made these days too. Better than some actual homes haha. Thanks for the comment Lacie!

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